• Multiple product types are eligible.

  • Competitive APRs starting at 17.99% with flexible terms.

  • Competitor paperwork accepted.

  • 100% advance rate for high quality borrowers.

  • Instant offers allow you to leave merchandise in the home.

  • Fund on photocopy.


Castle can provide programs to all credit types including risk discounts for lower quality borrowers.

Higher quality risks have no risk discount and qualify for our most competitive rates.

Lower quality risks qualify for our discount programs where dealers accept a modest discount to the sale price.

Each time you submit an application our INSTANT CREDIT DECISION will tell you what program your customer qualifies for.


Discount financing allows you to make sales you would otherwise lose. Rather than missing out on a sale, you can still make a profit and prevent your customer from walking away disappointed.

This can open up a whole new customer base and give you an edge over the competition.

We understand that not all companies and products can accept large discounts but we’d rather make you an offer to see if you can use our program to make that extra sale.